Quick Reading Report

In our class we will sometimes write a quick reading report after a short read. The experts say that summarizing and thinking about your reading helps readers get stronger. Our “Quick Reading Report” shouldn’t take long.

Four Parts:

  • Title & Author
  • Topic
  • Summary
  • Observation: Under the observation heading describe a connection you have with the text; something you wonder about; a discovery; cool words, phrases, or sentences; surprises; or a take away (an important thing that you’ll remember after reading).

eg. Quick Reading Report

Countries of the World: Greece by 

Topic: Geography

Summary: The article describes the European country of Greece. The article describes the geography, nature, culture, government, economy, and history of Greece. The article stops to identify the flag, the currency, the capital city, and the national animal.

Observation: I was actually surprised by how little I knew about nature in modern Greece. Even though Greece is a relatively small country, it has ten national parks and two mountain ranges. I had no idea.

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