Sample Three-Part Essay

A Three-Part Essay About Three-Part Essays

The teacher says you have to write a thousand words. It’s due tomorrow, and you have no idea how to begin. Every day, students at every level are expected to write essays, but not everyone really knows how it’s done. There are many types of essays and writers can be very creative, but there is a simple three-part structure that can be very powerful for essay writers.

The first part of the essay is the introduction. Most solid introductions have three parts. First, the writer tries to hook the reader with a story, description, fact, or question that grabs your attention.  Next, the introduction fills in any background information that the reader needs to make sense of the essay. Last, the introduction gives us a clear statement of what the essay will show or prove (the thesis statement).

After the introduction, the essay moves onto body paragraphs. In a persuasive essay, each body paragraph will gives the reader one big reason why the essay’s claim is true. If the essay’s purpose is to inform the reader, each body paragraph focuses on one part of the main topic. Each body paragraph also includes the related supporting details.

The end is a concluding paragraph that wraps everything up and makes sure the reader doesn’t forget the essay’s point. There is a good three part pattern that can help the writer plan the conclusion. Start by returning to the thesis statement (restating it in different words). Next, review the big points of the body paragraphs. Finally, tell the reader why the topic matters.

In the end, the three-part essay structure is an easy way to keep your essay strong and clear. You need an introduction that grabs the reader and gets to the point . You need simple body paragraphs that each hit one part of the topic, and you need a conclusion that puts every together.  The real secret is that, if you master the simple, three-part essay in middle school, you can use the same plan in high school, in college, and for the rest of your life.

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