When I Was 6 Years Old

When I was 6 years old, my family used to have a big dog. The dog was so smart; he was special to my family. I think he was the smartest of the family. He was a respectful dog. Sometimes I used to sleep with him in bed, he was the one who woke me up every morning, just like in the movies. You know, in some movie the owner sleep with the dog and the dog is the one who wake the owner to go to school. Every time you tell the dog to give you the paw he always gives it to you. He uses to sing, you know how dog sing. But after a year someone kill him. It was so devastated to me and my family. We never knew who it was. Maybe they kill him because he was so smart and big. People used to hate on us.

The day my dog die my mom was in U.S.A. That day, she calls a lot of time but we weren’t home. So in the night she calls again.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello, how are you?” she said but in Spanish. Everything we talk about was in Spanish.

“Not that good, what about you?” I said

“Why?” She responds

I was speaking and my tears coming out. “Do you remember about Tony?”

“Yes” she responds

“He dies today, and we don’t know who actually kill him” I said

“Can you give the phone to your grandma please” she says. As I put the cellphone down I scream “MAMA”, “Yes, my dear” she answer.

“Mami is in the phone” I said, my grandma peak up the phone, and put it in her ear. When she peak it up, they starts talking about the dog, I left the room. When I left the room, I start talking to my cousin. When my grandmother finishes talking with my mom, she calls my brother to talk to her. That day my mom talks to everybody.

“So how do you feel” I ask my grandpa.

“Devastated “he responds. The dog was more close to my grandpa than to us. So my grandpa was the one who was more hurt. It was raining; you can actually hear the sound of the raining in the ceiling. We were in a family reunion. All hugging each other and telling stories. Also we were talking about the dog, what do you remember the most about the dog? The first person that starts talking was my grandpa, then my aunt, my uncle, my grandma, uncle, then my cousins. I was the last one to talk.

“The thing that I remember the most of the dog, is when the dog uses to give me the paws and when he uses to wake me up” I said

“Oh, eso verdad (that’s true)” my cousin scream. `

As time pass, we were happy he was in a better place and because he spend his life with us. Anyways, at the end of the day, he would be always in our heart. We would never forgive him because he was special, really special. So yea, I miss him.

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