Walk Away Strong

There was this was one time in my life when my father wasn’t around that much to help me and my mother out The bags, felt like 100 pound sandbags as I walked from the grocery store with my mom.

“Son, can you carry these bags please? My back is killing me,” she would say as she rubbed her belly. She was pregnant at the time. I wanted to help her so she won’t injure herself or my little brother. As my mom and I walked from the store, the sun was very bright. The watermelon felt like I am carrying a bunch of bricks. To be honest, I wasn’t really thrilled to carry or do anything, in fact, all I wanted to do is just sit home and watch television. But my mom’s force me to come, but I felt pretty good helping my mom because I knew she needed the help.

After we bought all of these groceries there was a Hispanic woman came to my mom. She started talking very nasty to my mom calling her a child abuser for making me carry all of the groceries. I remember her cursing at my mom, but at the time I didn’t really understand her.

I started to feel mad about it because she didn’t have a right to be talking to my mom like that. “Why didn’t you curse at her back?” I asked as we left the store. I thought to myself if I had been older I could have told the women myself to shut up, but I didn’t understand why my mom hadn’t done that herself. “I didn’t want to make any more problems,” my mother answered me.

At the time I didn’t understand why she hadn’t said anything. To me there was nothing wrong helping my mom carrying the bags. After all, my mom needed help I was the only one around to help her. Years later looking back at this situation, I think that if you walk away from a fight that makes you a stronger person then the one person that wants to fight you. That is one of the lessons I learned from my mom about being a strong person. Also my mom told me that not all problems can be fixed without throwing fists at each other.

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