The Time I Almost Died

It was a night to never forget. My mother was 9 months pregnant with me. She was on vacation in my country Albania. It was a summer night and she went in the crops by herself in the corn field. They were having dinner inside and my mom volunteered to go and her sister was coming, but she said no I can handle it. When my mom is pregnant, she always told me she likes to be alone to think about stuff and for the world to be quiet. Where we live it is known to be crazy loose a banded dogs. My mother was obviously not thinking about that, but she should have gone with someone. She went and got the best corns and took about four. Then, all of a sudden she hears this loud bark and she turns around and all you see is this big scary pit bull with sharp teeth just dripping saliva. The dog starts approaching her and my mom decides to fall on her butt and start crawling backwards because she can’t run.

She yells “Help there’s a dog!!”

“You guys better hurry up”

Then, my uncle comes up to look and he sees the dog coming closer and closer to my mom and my mom was trying to act calm so the dog doesn’t attack. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t hear her to help. My uncle goes inside again and brings his shotgun because he’s a police officer. He runs through the crops and then he sees the dog attacking my mom, but my mom had a stick so she was like wiping it so it won’t attack but it hardly harmed it. My uncle was so surprised because the dogs are loose, but only in the streets not in your own property.

All you hear is my uncle yell “Stay still”.

Bow, one shot and the dog is whimpering and screaming. Bow another shot it’s been dead.

My uncle ran to my mom and asked her if she was ok and my mom was bleeding in her arm because the dog ended up biting her. My uncle called the ambulance and she stayed at the hospital for two days. They were checking her stomach and stuff; thank god the dog didn’t hurt her in the womb because they could have harmed me. My mom ended up being fine. Her flights to America were three days later and guess what. My mother gave birth to me the next day she came to America. So that means I was almost born on a plane or in Albania and thank god it was in America because I did not want to be an immigrant. My mother had such a story to tell at home. It was a scary one though. My uncle was a real hero because without him my mom would have been dead, that dog was wild and it wasn’t ours. My mom gave birth to this brave, amazing person me.

reast-font-family:BatangChe’>He told that she was fine and that they were letting her go the next day.

This moment was the turning point in my life where I stop playing around I had to take care of my brothers. I had to step up; she was not able to take them to their baseball games or to school. These two events changed my life. I had to go grocery shopping in till my mom got better. I did all the cleaning the laundry around the house.

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