The First Time I Experienced Death

The first time that I experienced the death of someone close to me was when I was 11 years old. I only had 4 days in the Dominican Republic, I was home and it was like at midnight. They called my house, Guess what? It was my dad, honestly that was the day I cried the most of my life I didn’t know what to do. I was really close to him and after I lost him I felt like I didn’t have no one no more that the person I love the most is gone. You honestly don’t know how much someone means to you till they’re gone. When that happened, I felt like I didn’t have any tears left for me to cry. Losing one of your parents is like your life has fallen apart.

My dad was the love of my life, my first love, like no one in this world is going to replace the love of my life. My dad gave me the only thing I always wanted from someone, trust and believes in me. He always taught me how to value myself and every morning and night he told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing that has happened in his life. I miss waking up my dad making me smile every morning and him singing in my ears. There’s just those moments when you miss someone so much and you just want to hug them so tight and never let go of them.

I would do anything in the world to just see my dad again and that beautiful smile he always had on his face. My father’s death was like the biggest thing I faced in life. My dad and I were like best friends, friends, diaries, he was my right hand, but more than that he was my father. The day my dad passed away, he died with a smile on his face. He always had a smile on his face. I honestly never met someone so happy before like him and showed me how much he cared and love me.

Sometimes I think and just ask myself when I am going to see him again and that beautiful smile of his. Any man could be a father, but it takes a real and a special man to be one. My dad is gone and till this day I can’t accept the fact he is gone and not here no more. He passed away young and with no problems in his life. I wanted my dad to be here and see me grow up and see how I’m going to do the right thing in life.

Even though my dad is gone, he will always remain in my heart. He will always be in my heart forever and ever till the day I’m no longer here. Even though he is gone he will never be forgotten. Before someone special to you passes away show them how much you love them, care for them because later on when they not here no longer there would not be any chance left. I loved my dad more than anything in this world. Like no one could ever replace him in my heart.

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