Sports Saved My Life by R

Man, if I told you a story about something I really love nobody would believe me. I’m not the type of person express my feeling. This story means a lot because this is what my life revolves around sports. Where we are growing we need something to keep us off the streets. Man if I told you guys that I played almost every sport out in the world you wouldn’t believe me. It’s hard to learn, but I learn fast. I learned how to play cricket, soccer, baseball, rugby, football, basketball, lacrosse, and etc. By knowing you guy a probably going to say he is lying he can’t really play all that well I do. Sports are the only way out of the city. I want to leave. I started to play sports at the age of 4 because my cousin invited me to his game and I saw all these big kids laughing and having fun. When I started to get older I starting playing I did want to be in my apt. Sports are the key to my success.

I usually leave to play sports because I have nothing to do at home, I have younger brothers and they are really annoying. Sports are the only way out for to relieve stress and stay calm, especially when you have too little brothers that fight for everything. Man sports are the solution for everything. Everybody has their own way out of stress mines is sports.

One time sports help was when somebody in my family got really sick and I was really close to this person. Man I spent that whole year playing sports from sunrise to dusk. During that event, I would ask myself why that person. This person was my best friend and they had to suffer a big concussion. He couldn’t play any type of sport for at least a year or two. Man during this time I was in the best shape ever. When the doctor’s cleared my cousin to play I was happy it as the best day ever. But I knew that happiness wouldn’t last forever because a couple of days later, my mom was taking the MTA bus to work when a truck hit it. When I got the news I ran all the way to the Bronx just to see if she was ok. Half way there, my uncle saw me running and told to get in the car.

“I said no have to go to the hospital”

“She is ok your aunt is there with is her she good”

“How would you know this has never happen to you “

“She is my sister how do you think I feel”

He told that she was fine and that they were letting her go the next day.

This moment was the turning point in my life where I stop playing around I had to take care of my brothers. I had to step up; she was not able to take them to their baseball games or to school. These two events changed my life. I had to go grocery shopping in till my mom got better. I did all the cleaning the laundry around the house.

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