My Poor Dog

“Ok! Bye grandma! I yelled as I walked out the door onto the road. It was as empty as a ghost town as it’s usually been in Santiago a town in the Dominican Republic. As I step on the concrete road I got a whiff of a mix of dead animals and rotten animal skin. I heard pezzz as fly’s fly around me to claim a prize of my dead dog beside the road. As my heart stopped I felt that lightning bolt just struck me while I saw my dog on the ground. I quickly get my grandfather to help me get him in my grandmother’s yard. The whole family and I were stunned as we learned that he got poise and that he wasn’t just road kill. My dog was playing with my cousin last night the last time I saw him. I wondered how this happened I have to guess that it was thugs in the middle of the night.

This had happened before, but this time my dog was innocent. In the past, I had a dog that would attack anybody that would come near. And one night he got poisoned, but my dog did not deserve to get killed like that my other dog didn’t even deserves to die he was the most playful dog in the world. I was wondering where he was by the time the morning came I still remember how playful he used to be and how caring he was. I used to remember that many times we would make chicken and he used to smell how juicy it was from a mile away. He used to be a dog that didn’t care much for food just to live his doggy life as he usually did. He was special more than other dog in the neighborhood or one that ever had. I remember that I used to smell his clean breath when he used to play with me by biting me and hoping on top of me with that joyful playful doggy personality. On top of that, many dog picked on him for not being as attacked as others in the neighborhood. I used to think that many things about life were just easy, but that dog changed my life.

He gave me an idea to enjoy life I long as you have it. That rotten body on the side of the road made me thinks about how he helps me understand how about the way to can change things by the way you live life. The rest of my family was still divested about the loss of a member to our family. Many of my friends told me it just a dog to move on. Many of my family members did move on but I never did. To this day his joyful life still haunts me that I didn’t give as big of a chance as I should have given it to him.

R.I.P. Rocky

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