My Break up Friendship

One day I was in the lunch room and my best friend and I were sitting and talking and I was using my DS. I had a group of people around me because they loved my DS. My best friend was next to me and she was looking at me like if she wanted it. I let her use it and after she didn’t want to give it back, she was acting like it was hers. Finally it was time for us to go upstairs to class and she gave me my DS. But when she gave me the DS she looked at me like if she wanted to take it home.

So then we up to class and she said “come let me put your backpack away.” Their I knew that she wanted to steal the DS because she never just tells me that she going to put it away for me. Then I said “No it’s alright I am going to keep it the whole day.” When I said that she got really mad and their on she didn’t know what to do. I knew that she was planning someway to take the DS. But the funny part is the she didn’t know that I knew she was planning to take it. I was one step ahead of her. It’s crazy because she suppose to be my best friend, the one I trust. But now I know she’s not.

It was fourth period and we had free time, we could do what we want in the class room. So I took out my DS and I had a group of friends around me once again and my so called best friend was next to me and I know she was dying to take it from my hand and play with it. So me being a nice friend, I let her use. Once again she was using it like it was hers. But that time I honestly didn’t care as much. I just let her use it as much as she wanted. But that was a really bad idea of me because that just gave her more of an idea so steal it. It’s really crazy because she was like a sister to me and I loved her like I never loved anybody. But I see I can’t really trust anyone I this world.

So it was last period and I had to go to a different room then her and I had to leave my backpack were she was. So I left and the teacher told her to pack up for me and their she had the perfect chance to go and take the DS and put it in her bag. And that what she did. She got me back pack from my desk and when nobody was looking she went inside my bag and got the DS and put it inside her pocket. Then she finished packing my backpack up and then when nobody was looking she put the DS in her bag and left. But at the end of the day I got my DS back and ever since the day we never talked again.

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