I Remember Crying

I remember crying in my bed, throwing my stuffed animals all over my room. Tears came out of my eyes and yelling out of my mouth. Me alone in my house and putting music so nobody could hear me screaming. Hearing my dad opening the door and me running to the bathroom. My heart was running fast because I forgot to pick up all the mess in my room.

I told my mom that I was having trouble with math. She told me to calm down and try my best. Let’s do a flashback. When I came here to 8th grade for the first time I was nervous. I thought it was going to be good and awesome. I have to say that I got a weird feeling that 8th wasn’t going to be easy. The day I actually knew that was when I first came to 8th grade because I was having trouble in math. I always ask myself why I was having trouble in math. When I first took the math test I got a 40%. I got so sad I let that score frustrated me in the beginning of the year. I thought that my grades were going to be like that for the rest of the year. I don’t want my grades to be like that because I want to go to a high school. Every day I didn’t feel like going to math because it was so annoying. I felt like I was the only one that didn’t understand math and I was frustrated that I didn’t let myself learn new things.

“You need to let that score in a side and start leaning” Ms.Papita said

“But I thought I was going to have a 85% and above,” I said

“You will never move on if you don’t accept you’re score,” she said

“I want to go to Mr. Papito’s class,” I said

“You not going to Mr. Papiro’s class because you are staying here,” she said

After that I actually let the score in a side. In that afternoon Mr. Ryan said, “You going to the after school program.”

I decided to go and check it out. Mr. Sonh was there and told me to sit down. He told me if I wanted to learn something specific. So I told him that I wanted help with everything. That day he teaches me a lot of things that I needed help with. I actually learn something. I decide to go every Tuesday-Thursdays. I can’t lie but going to the afterschool program really helped me a lot in math. I got so happy that I understood math that I was happy going to math every day. I was so happy not just because I understood, but because I made my mom proud. Anyways I start to do very well in math and my grades went up to 81% to an 89%. I felt really proud of myself. In this story I learn not to let a score read your future. I just keep trying, and never give up. That’s something I want to teach to others, to never give up and to keep trying.

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