Dog Stories by J

It was Morning; I woke up lying on the floor like I always do in the morning when its summer. I stand up and walked to the door. I opened the door and BAMM I step on dog poo, a big one that covered my heels and toes. I screamed so loud that my mom came running out of the room and said que esta pasando, I pointed down and she started laughing, and said “eso es que tu esta creciendo” I stared at her like “Oh, Really?” and told her to pass me my towel while I was hopping to the bathtub, and took a long shower. Later, after the incident I was on the rolling chair using the house computer until my mom came out of the room saying imma make coffee and milk with bread roll, then one of the wheels of the rolling chair popped off and almost hit the screen of the TV then after a while I fell backwards and hit my head with a big toy car which felt like my head was about to explode into little pieces.

Three hours later, after the accident, me and my dad were on our way to my uncle’s house. I told my dad what happened in the morning and he starts to laugh. About 23 min in the drive we turn a corner and I saw a huge box that says free dog and when I told my dad to stop, he steps on the breaks, my body went backwards and forwards like a roller coaster, I opened the door and ran went to the box I saw a a Yorkshire terrier, a golden retriever, and lots of Chihuahuas, I took the last golden retriever and a girl Chihuahua.

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