My whole life everyone told me that I was an only child. I didn’t grow up with a biological brother or sister. Then I went to the school “Michael B48” actually known as “P.S 48” I mean that’s what I called it. I was starting a new grade at a new school and I didn’t know anyone. When I was younger, I wasn’t really a people person so making friends really wasn’t my forte, but thank god other people my age were. One of my first friends were girls, then a few boys in my class. To be honest, I felt like I have known them forever. However, there was one this one kid, he was in the 3rd grade everyone knew him he was like the big brother to almost everyone. I felt some type of way at first because he would come around everyone would be like “Wassup, Alvin” and he would say “Hello” to everyone. I remember thinking how cool I thought he was. I was always the kind of girl who would keep to herself, however that all changed when I met him. Like when I met the real him. Getting to know him was much different than meeting other people in that school. It felt like I was digging for gold, but I found something much better. It took me a long time to get to the place I am in with him. Alvin was the type of dude who would not let you in unless you found him at his lowest point and that is what kept me so interested.

The reason I felt so comfortable calling him my “older brother” was because he made me feel like I was his little sister. He looked after me, he helped me become more social with others, he showed me new things, he helped me with anything I asked for help with. I mean even though I didn’t have a real brother to compare him to, Alvin was the type of brother you see in movies. The ones who you fight with but have your back no matter what situation you guys were previously in. Another thing I have to thank him for is what he taught me. HONESTY. Of course, I knew what honesty was. My mom taught me the meaning of honesty before I took my first steps but my big brother taught me the honesty that hurts.

I remember one day out at the park, Alvin and I were just sitting on the stoop to the entrance of the school PS.48. It was a very nice May afternoon and we were just taking about random things but then he said.. “You know the most important thing in the world? Honesty. The honesty you tell a love one or even somebody you envy, the honesty that can make you or break you.” I remember just thinking about what he said all day and days after that, just realizing how right he really was about that.

That’s something I have to thank Alvin for more than anything in the world. I personally feel because of what Alvin and the rest of the people I met those following years in PS.48 I wouldn’t be half of the girl I am now. He wasn’t the only person who taught me new things that year, there was Ralph, Luis, Jayda, Jailine, Angel, Kelfri and many other people but Alvin was the first to give me something I have never had before. A big brother to count on, a person to fight with but still have around, and also for introducing me to my new two best friends Lesly and Eyesel. Alvin will forever be more than a friend and big brother to me. More like my role model, my rock, and my favorite big head. I love you bro and thank you so much.

These two events changed my life. I had to go grocery shopping in till my mom got better. I did all the cleaning the laundry around the house.

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