A Special Teacher

As I open my eyes and all I can hear is the alarm. Beep, Beep, Beep!!! I tried to get up from my bed. Bang!!! I fell from my bed face first. I struggled to get up and go take a shower.

“Damn, Alex stays still. Why are you so hyper?” scream my grandma.

“I can’t, I just can’t wait” I replied back. I was in the 5th grade and the school name was P.S. 48. Ms. P was math teacher about to be a mother. Ms. P was a great teacher, but if you got on her bad side you were screwed. Ms.p was a fun teacher to have because she’ll take you on the best field trips and make a lesson feel fun. This is the day of surprising my teacher with a baby shower.

Miley, Ashley, Rebecca and I planned a surprise our teacher, Ms.P “Alright guys,” said Ashley at lunch one day. “Here’s what we are going to do. On Friday after school ends as I and Ms. J distract Ms.p you guys set up the gym.” It wasn’t easy for my classmates and me to hide our tuxedos and dresses.

That morning, I put the tuxedos on and a sweater on over it. It was so uncomfortable and hard to move. At one point, Ms.p asked, “Why is everyone so dressed up”, everyone was scared that one classmate would spill. “Ashley is having a party at her house for the end of the school year” Said one classmate. So as the day went by I was becoming more excited about the surprise party.

Lunch came by and I can finally take off the sweater for a little bit. After lunch I put the sweater on just for two more periods. During math everyone whispers “Go to the gym after school done and set up the gym” as that went around the room Ms.p try to teach the lesson.

After math we all went to the gym and set up the gym. Ashley and Ms. J distracted Ms.p until we got the gym done. Once we were done one classmate call Rebecca and told her to go to the gym and bring Ms. P with. I and my friends take off our sweaters and everyone hidden behind a wall.

When Ms. Paulito open the gym door and walk in we scream surprise and that moment she couldn’t say anything but cry tears of happiness. We all had a good time eat food and drinking soda, juice and Kool-Aid. After that we told her that we have gotten gifts for her and we surround her while she opens the gifts. The last thing I could remember is that she said that she loves us and she would miss us.

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