Style Section Now Includes Tone

Writers can be sarcastic, angry, gentle, careful, romantic, respectful, etc. — and so can their writing!

A little digging always turns up a wonderful picture on the Flickr Commons. This one seemed perfect for a poster on tone.

Added Planning Factors: Purpose, Audience, Form

Planning Factors:

Planning Factors

This morning, the site includes a section on planning factors. The first graphics are an overview (below) and quick explainers for purpose, audience and format.

Influences on this construction include the big ideas in Deborah Dean’s RAFT Writing Strategy and elsewhere.

Check out links like:

Adding Style Section

Next Project: The Style Section.

This week some of the key ideas about style are available on the site.

Academic Style

Choose your words carefully. Every word brings its history with it.
Choose your words carefully. Every word brings its history with it.

Write DemoOver the last few months, I’ve developed a mania for using Comic Life 3 (on the PC), Comic Life (on the iPad),, and Comic Touch (on the iPad) for creating quick visual explainers.

On 322 Writer’s Workshop, you’ll find pages riffing on ideas from Visible Thinking (by which I mean Visible Thinking at and a couple of big clear images to help out with Essay Basics.

There are many more on 322Reads where I’ve really been digging into reading comprehension strategies.

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